Did you know that there are many benefits of babywearing? Several months ago, I took a Babywearing for Professionals class and the information that I learned was incredible. My first thought when I signed up was, “What in the world could we possibly learn about wearing a baby for 8 hours?” Well, the time flew by so quickly and I discovered so many fascinating things (in fact, we could have gone another full day!) There are so many benefits of babywearing, but I will focus on just a few.


As a sleep consultant, this is a hot button for me. Many would argue that babywearing would cause a baby to become dependent on napping on the go, but that’s okay, especially for a newborn! Many newborns, want to be carried and held close to you all the time. Since their sleep needs are high, having them in a carrier can accomplish both! If you are constantly carrying your baby for every nap, then it could develop some bad sleep habits (closer to the 3-4 month age). However, napping on the go for a newborn can be helpful as your child will most likely nap longer in the carrier. I would rather the baby nap on the go rather than have no nap at all.


When your baby is wrapped close to you, they have a sense of security. Having your baby wrapped nice and snug against your body can help them feel safe. They can feel your breath, and listen to your heartbeat (just like they did in the womb). They want to be close to you and are more content. It can most certainly create a quick and natural bond.


If your baby is upset and nothing else has worked, try the carrier. If you have tried everything, usually wearing them can do the trick! They might be overtired or even overstimulated. Maybe it’s the witching hour and nothing seems to make your baby happy. Perhaps you’ve tried feeding them multiple times or have put him in the bouncer or swing, and nothing works. You might be surprised that putting her in the carrier can solve all of these problems and can quickly calm her down.


The wonderful thing about wearing your baby is that he can nurse on the go. You don’t have to worry about covering up as the carrier can act as a blanket if you want to be discreet. Your child can easily nurse on the go as you are at the park with your other child, on a walk with a friend, or just hanging out at the house. Easy access makes breastfeeding with the carrier ideal for the breastfeeding mama as the baby can nurse on demand.


I’m sure by now you have heard time and time again that tummy time is so important for a few reasons. The first reason for tummy time can strengthen their neck muscles. Another reason tummy time is important is to put them in another position besides on the back or side of their head. Since the Back to Sleep campaign, many babies have developed flat head syndrome but babywearing can help ease the pressure of your baby always laying on the back of his head. Most babies don’t LOVE tummy time (especially newborns). But guess what? Babywearing CAN count as tummy time. You will still need to practice tummy time, but this can be another alternative.


If you have a baby with reflux, you need to hold them upright for quite some time. If she has a real issue with reflux, you might even have to hold her up for 30 minutes or longer. Instead of being confined to the chair and holding her upright, you can wrap your baby and go about your day. It can also be more comfortable for them to stretch out a little in the carrier.


Is babywearing intimidating for you? I was overwhelmed by so many on the market. They looked complicated and overwhelming. Some had so much material that I didn’t even try. I’m glad that I’m more knowledgeable now since taking the class. I’m not an expert, but I know enough to help my clients.
There are so many reasons that babywearing can be wonderful for you and your baby. Do you want to give babywearing a try but don’t know where to start? I’d love to help you! If you need help deciding which one might work for you or how to use it, let’s set up a time to talk. As always, I’m here for you if you need help solving your baby’s sleep issues.